Buy safely on classifieds

Buying things online has become a usual thing. One of the most popular ways to do that is using classified advertisement sites where you can easily and quickly find anything you need and compare prices. Still, hunting for bargains can be risky because of many scammers wanting to humbug money out of you and selling you defective items. The following are some rules for you to feel safe while buying through classified sites.

1. Use tried and true local classifieds with good reviews. If you decided to purchase something online for the first time, you’d better to ask for help someone experienced in it. Consider only local sellers who you can meet in order to check the item you are buying.

2. Always check the seller review and sales history, see what other goods he offers. If the site allows any “safe deal” marks, try to stick to them. Don’t deal with a seller if you doubt his reputation.

3. Use disposable phone numbers or email addresses to communicate with the sellers. Create an account that contains no your personal information. Avoid putting any data about your real name, age or location, because it can be used by swindlers.

4. Ask the seller for his contact email or phone. Check the validity of the phone number on the internet. Call the seller to discuss the item you are going to buy, ask all the questions you have and make sure that you got clear and complete answers. If the seller hesitates concerning some information or tries to pay in fine speeches, stop the contact.

5. Not only private sellers use classified websites. Many companies post their ads on online platforms. In case when saving money is not your priority, consider offers from reliable manufacturers. For example, instead of buying a used blender, select Vitamix appliances and be sure in the quality of the product.

6. If you are going to buy an item, especially a used one, from a private seller, arrange a meeting in a well-lit public place. Don’t come along but take someone to accompany you. Never agree to a meeting at your or the seller’s house, unless you are buying some non-transportable things.

7. During the meeting examine the item thoroughly, test whether it works and check all the functions. Don’t give money until you are satisfied with everything.

8. Prefer paying in cash, because any other way of payment is more likely to be deceitful. Paying in cash requires no names, addresses or bank card numbers. Instead, it ensures that you will meet the seller in person and hand over the money yourself.

9. When buying an expensive thing, arrange a meeting inside a bank where you are going to retrieve your money. It will prevent you from carrying around a big sum. Besides, a bank is a very safe place because of watching cameras and increased security.

When following these basic rules you can feel safe to search for any goods through classified ad sites and buy them for bargain prices.

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